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Starting from purchasing to the whole process up to the sales under go a number of quality checks. Authorized representatives of our company travel extensively through the paddy fields during harvest season and care is taken to see that only the best available paddy is purchased. The paddy purchased is properly dried, transported and stocked in the paddy godowns.

In this hi-tech milling plant every stage conforms to the international standards and stringent guidelines of process control and meticulously a hred at every stage to ensure uniformity of grain without destroying basic quality of grain.

Rainbow Rice emphasizes on the standardized quality of its food products and has as a result, been awarded with the ISO 9001:2000 certification for its unflagging efforts. We realize that strict quality norms can be achieved only with effective monitoring and scrutiny, right from the acquisition of agricultural products to the ultimate stage of packaging. Hygiene and safety practices have been suitably adopted in our processes to ensure defect free products. Our products are additionally free from artificial colors, flavoring agents and preservatives.

We have packing machine of latest imported unit USA technology which from fill and seal pouches ranging.
From 1 kg to 25 kg, we have our own printing unit of jute packing here we print all kind of jute packing for exports and domestic market.


Our laboratory facilities for rice testing include state of the art scientific equipment for both physical and chemical analysis. Our testing methods include:

Grain measuring (physical analysis).
Chemical testing for amylase content using a Spectrophotometer.
Tincture testing to determine the glutinous rice mixing in Parboiled Rice.
Crop chemical testing to determine the crop’s age.

Our lab technicians have expert knowledge and experience which ensures accuracy and precision in our analysis.

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