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GOLDEN DAY– India's finest Basmati Rice

Golden Day Basmati Rice, grown in the foot hills of the Himalayas and nurtured with snow-fed water, has matured extra long grains, smooth pearly whiteness – extra fine, lingering aroma and maximum nutrition, attained through advance polishing system. On cooking, the grains fluff up to more then twice the original length; and won't break or stick together. The grain are cleaned and sorted with a sophisticated colour sorting machine. So, you finally get Golden Day Basmati Rice untouched by human hands, ensuring complete hygiene for your family. We produce number of varieties in Basmati and Non-Basmati rice to suit all kind of needs of our esteemed customers speared across the globe. The company flag ship brand is 'GOLDEN DAY'. Enjoy excellent brands wide range of premium quality Basmati Rice and Nonbasmati (Parboiled Creamy / Golden, Steamed, Brown) etc.


Golden Day 1121 Golden Sella
Basmati Rice

Gold 24 Carat
Golden Day 1121 Creamy Sella
Basmati Rice
Diamond 24 Carat
Golden Day 1121 Extra Long Grain
Basmati Rice
Platinum 24 Carat
Golden Day Super
Basmati Rice
24 Carat
Golden Day Long Grain

Golden Day Long Grain


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